Authentic Shinto-style
wedding ceremonies
held in holy shrines in Kyoto,
city of tradition

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Information on Zen Kyoto
for foreign visitors

If you wish to have a
“Shinto-style wedding ceremony”
wearing top quality Japanese clothes,
Zen Kyoto can make it happen.

All of Zen Kyoto's kimonos are made of pure silk and none of our packages, even the lower-priced ones, include polyester kimonos. We can therefore guarantee that you will be choosing your kimono out of high-quality silk ones, regardless of the package you select. Kimonos made of pure silk have a smooth, luxurious feel and are so pleasant to the touch that you won’t be able to keep your hands off them. Experience the superior comfort of high-quality kimonos. Zen Kyoto also handles unique and rare kimonos as well as kimonos that have been certified as national treasures. If you are interested in any of these, please contact us in advance.

We also have extensive experience in assisting overseas visitors who wish to have traditional wedding ceremonies at shrines or temples in Kyoto but don't know how to go about it. We will listen to your wishes and assist you with everything, from Shinto-style ceremonies wearing the highest quality Japanese clothing to photo shoots and wedding ceremonies wearing Japanese clothing at different locations according to the season, and even hair styling.
Our greatest wish is that you will feel satisfied that you’ve chosen to wear our kimonos, so please start by getting in touch with us.

Visit shrines and temples and
try on kimonos
while sightseeing.

Most people would probably find it hard to choose which shrine or temple they would like to have their wedding ceremony at. We can help you choose a place with exactly the atmosphere you’re looking for from among the many shrines and temples in Kyoto.
Each couple will be provided with a guide to encourage asking questions and, since all guides are experts in Japanese clothing, they will also provide detailed explanations about Japanese garments as well as Kyoto's customs and history. We highly recommend joining our tours during your visit to Kyoto.
You can also try on high-quality kimonos at our specialty store built in Kyoto's traditional architectural style.

Japanese-style wedding and photoshoot at shrines in a single day!

"Shinto-style" traditional Japanese wedding ceremonies are traditionally held at shrines or temples. This class of weddings, which exemplifies the Japanese people’s appreciation of tradition and “refinement,” is made available not only to Japanese but also to foreign visitors.

Zen Kyoto will arrange for your photo shoot and wedding ceremony even if your stay in Kyoto is as short as one day. We will reserve a shrine or temple for each couple and have professional staff assist with photography and the wedding ceremony, thus eliminating any waiting time and allowing you to have your wedding ceremony while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Kyoto. If you choose to have a longer stay and enjoy some sightseeing, we also offer packages that allow for extraordinary experiences like staying overnight and dining at restaurants featuring authentic Kyoto cuisine or staying at traditional Kyoto townhouses and having your photo taken professionally. Our full-time staff is extremely knowledgeable about Kyoto and will ensure that you have unforgettable memories by experiencing Kyoto in ways that are not normally available.


Guided tour to
Recommended for those who are not sure which shrine or temple they would like to get married at. Each couple will be accompanied by a member of our staff who will guide them to different shrines and temples in Kyoto. Our guides have professional knowledge of Japanese clothing, so you can ask any questions you may have on this subject, and are also knowledgeable about customs and history to ensure you will enjoy your tour.
0 Yen
Photo shoot with accommodation
in a traditional Kyoto townhouse
Toshiharu Ryokan, a registered tangible cultural property, and Zen Kyoto, a luxury wedding kimono company, are collaborating for the first time to create a great-value photoshoot package. Toshiharu Ryokan is an inn built in 1909 in typical Kyomachiya style. Stay at this traditional inn that has been rated as a “comfortable lodge,” by the Michelin Guide for six consecutive years since 2015 and have your photograph taken in an atmosphere that will make you feel as if you’ve traveled back in time to the Meiji era.
300,000 Yen
Seasonal packages
to make the best of each season
Have photos taken professionally while wearing Japanese clothing during your favorite season (classic backgrounds include Japanese hydrangeas, cherry blossoms and autumn leaves).
300,000 Yen

Typical daily package

Arrival at Zen Kyoto
Dressing up, hair-styling and makeup
Transfer to shrine/temple by car
Start of photoshoot
Start of wedding ceremony
End of wedding ceremony
Return to Zen Kyoto and change of clothes
End of day activities
Dinner featuring traditional Kyoto dishes
Overnight stay and relaxing at your traditional inn



If you are considering a Japanese-style at a shrine or a temple, please contact us using the form below. We hope you will want to come and experience Japan's time-honored traditional culture.

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